Mar 12, 2014

A Conservative's self-denial of Slavery: "You had some contented Slaves"

 By RF Schatten

A Black President, a Black Slavery know where the Right is going, with 'that'.
James Bowman speaks about Slavery...without condemnation...and about the happiness, some slaves may have had in remaining slaves. James Bowman may be a Scholar...and with all due respect...he just proved, he's a Racist!!
Oh!! Happy Days!! James Bowman would fit perfectly, as a Slave Owner!!...a kind Slave Owner, because he believes in "Contended Slaves"!!
This character happens to be a Movie and Culture Critic!!...and for the American Spectator!! who else??
He's a Social Christian Conservative, who not only echos every single word, from all of today's Political Looney Tunes...but, he's also a critic of the Roman Catholic Church, and the way "they" interpret the Bible..what the hell does the Vatican know? He also believes that the Pope, along with Barack Obama are part of a world conspiracy, for the Muslim Brotherhood to take ultimate power, and make America an Islamic State.
Welcome Aboard, Jim Bowman!! another character to join the Grand Old Tea Party's Freakshow. It's 15 minutes and counting!!...

12 Years a Slave didn't depict the 'happy slaves', critic complains - News - Films - The Independent