Mar 19, 2014

Loser vs. Loser: The Battle for Cook County's Republican Voters

By RF Schatten

 America!! What a Country!! It’s primary season, and our favorite Political Reality Show, is back: “America’s Next Clown”. Who will this week’s winner be??
Yes!! it’s Chicago, where both sides can argue till hell freezes over, on who runs more corrupt, scandalous, or just plain, looney political campaigns…that said…this one, ranks as major comedy chat sound bytes, among Political Satirists and Late Night Talk Hosts.
A Republican primary race between 2…count them…2 major head cases. One has court orders, that he’s fighting, to attend anger management classes and undergo a mental health assessment. The other, belongs in the Cookie Factory, since she’s a few cookies short…even the Illinois GOP, disavowed her!!
And the winner is?? The batshit with the few cookies short, that the Republicans are running as far away as if she were a Leper.
Atanus wants to run against the leading Progressive in the US Congress, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, this November. Her name alone, has brought attention to the fact…that as another blogger, very well mentioned…the name Atanus, is an Anagram for; “As a Nut”. And yes, it does tell you a lot about this lady. Her battle is today’s typical Tea Flavored hodge-pudge of Religion, Social Conservative mores, and Ignorance.
It’s Common Sense, Progress, and moving forward vs. moving back into the Caves with the “Croods”.
If the Croods think they’re in the Stone Age, wait till the Tea Party moves in…in the words of “Grug”: “there goes the neighborhood!!”