Mar 29, 2014

The Acceptance of Obamacare...even Republicans get Sick

By RF Schatten

Why do Republicans sure hate the ACA??...after a lot of careful research, the only possible conclusion is...because Obama passed it!! “We don't need Obamacare, our system is already the best in the world!!” USA#1!! USA#1!!

Of course, if Mitt Romney would have won, no one would be complaining...they would've just change the name to Romneycare, and say it was his plan after all.
The rest of the world looks at us, and laughs, as we fight about the virtues of semi-Socialized Medicine, versus America's unique Capitalistic system of Medicine...theirs, are all socialized. Hassles?? There are hassles everywhere in the's part of life...but you learn to live with it.

Who has the best care in the world?? Since the last survey done by the World Health Organization, the best Quality of Medicine practiced, belongs to?? USA#1!! USA#1!! Sorry folks, the best quality medicine goes to...France #1!! France #1!! OK, then it's USA #2?? Nope!! The next pecking order, following France are...Italy, San Marino, Andorra, Malta, Singapore, Spain, Oman, Austria, and Japan. Well, how about the USA?? Ah, yes...the old Red, White, and Blue is #37!! Yes, #37...just behind Costa Rica, and just ahead of another medical and science metropolis...Slovenia!!

Why is it, that Republicans don't want affordable healthcare, for those less fortunate??...obviously, it will improve the overall quality of life in this country...that's a no brainer. The American Medical Association, the last bastion of Medical Conservatism, approved the plan...the Pharmaceutical Industry, has embraced it...and the Insurance Industry, has too. Over 6 million already enrolled, and Red State Governors in Arizona, Kentucky, Ohio, and among others...are spewing the great deals and savings, their states are getting.

So why keep on hammering on the ACA?? It's more than obvious, that anyone, below what they consider to be their standards in not in their personal agenda...and not necessarily, just this issue. Their total Arrogance, their Insolence, their Impudence, and their total lack of's the Republican way. 

America, home of the Greatest Health System ever invented by man...we need to stop patronizing ourselves. We 'are' a great country, with some great Medicine, but don't's tacky...we're still #37

"I'm a Republican, and You Should Get Covered" | The White House