Apr 1, 2014

Obamacare: Success vs. Excuses and Misinformation

By RF Schatten

Every Social Program started in this country, had skeptics and critics...and now they all
use, all those benefits they criticize so much. If you don't like Medicare or Social Security, don't use them...if you have the $$$, more power to you...but leave those less fortunate, alone.

A Little Story...a true story. Back in the 70s, while working in South Central LA, at
Martin Luther King Jr....way before the scandals in the 2000s...around 1am at night, I received a call on 2 drive-thru gunshot victims, coming in. Mother and Son...the mom had a .32 bullet lodged between ventricles...I did open-heart massage...when CPR is
impossible, you cut the ribcage and cut to the chase...she was conscious the entire time!! crying out... “don't let my son die!!” What the human spirit is capable of. She died in surgery, but next door...the son...whose status condition was “Grave”...made it,
after 3 months of hard work in his part...and ours.
A sad, happy...and courageous, tale. Mom dies, Son struggles for 3 months to
survive, and walks out of the Hospital.

Epilogue of the Tale: A year later, he comes in to visit us. This was way back, and 1000s of patients, later...I honestly can't remember his name, but I sure can remember his face...and specially, his mom's. He was a good young man, respectable home...not rich, not even close...his mom was a hotel maid, his dad was deceased. He worked fast food, and didn't have much of an insurance plan. This man, had both his Hospital Bill and his Mom's....the thousands and thousands of dollars, this kid owed...and he paid it off!! within the year, by selling most of what he owned and his home...the only thing his mom left him. The man gave up all he had!! all the personal family memories, his dreams, a
home...that could have been part of his future!! Why?? He didn't want to owe anyone anything!!
Just because you’re poor, doesn't mean...you don't have Moral Character, as Rick Santorum and Rand Paul, both have so arrogantly suggested.

Now, he wouldn't have had to do all that, if Affordable Care was around then.
Something is wrong, when Medical Insurance, becomes a more important issue, than the people being Insured.

You can talk all you want, about the Pros and the Cons...Affordable Healthcare is here to
stay...and it should be embraced by all. It will make this, a much healthier Nation in the long run...and it's the moral and compassionate thing to do!! $$ issues?? The rest of the world, has survived 'their' Obamacare...so will we!!

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