Apr 27, 2014

A Sports Team Owner, whose team is 98% Black...and happens to hate Blacks

By RF Schatten

Donald Sterling is your quintessential arrogant rich hypocrite...makes $$$ off the public with a Basketball Team, that consists of A Black Head Coach, 3 out of 4 Black Assistant
Coaches, and a roster that 12 of the 14 players are Black...while portraying himself as a Philanthropist, a community man, and getting honored by the NAACP for all his community work. All, great big wonderful PR...while behind the scenes he's well known locally, as a Racist and Bigot.

What type of guy is he?? He's the largest land owner in Beverly Hills...his real estate properties goes Eastward to Downtown LA, and his Policies on the numerous properties around LA, states...that no “Mexicans”, no “Blacks”, or no “Children” (which he calls “Brats”) are allowed to live in any of his Buildings. He's had numerous Lawsuits
filed in LA County, by Tenants. One old lady had to live in her apartment...while it was flooded... because he refused to fix it. She was Black, and he was finding every possible “Legal” way to force her to move out...Yes!!! Donald Sterling is also, a Slumlord!!

He paid $2.73 million to settle claims brought by the Justice Department, for
“Discriminatory Rental Practice toward Hispanics, Blacks, and Families with Children” It was stated that he doesn't like Blacks “because they Smell” and doesn't like Hispanics, because “they Smoke and Drink all day long and do nothing”.

His actions are well recorded. Among things that have come out in court?? His Moral Character?? A Jew, changed his name from Tokowitz to “Sterling” because it sounded “too
Jewish”, parades himself with his “Girlfriend”...and sometimes with the wife along. And tells the Girlfriend to screw a Black man if she wants...but “don't be out in Public, with him”

If the Clippers win the NBA Title...they'll still be #2 in the City of Lights.

In the 29 years he has owned the Franchise...from 1981 till 2010, the Clippers have had only 3...count them, 3!!...winning seasons. And made the playoffs only 5 times!! The last 3 years, has been pretty good...specially since he's given up, making his own player personnel decisions.
Donald Sterling has the distinction of owning the worst franchise records and lowest winning percentage in NBA History, during his tenure as an owner. He has proven that $$$ can by you anything...but it doesn't make you, a good human being...or a good smart Sports Owner. And as good as they are, these days...the Lakers still own Los Angeles

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