Apr 26, 2014

From Hero of a Movement...to Scapegoat for Racism in just 15 Minutes of Fame

By RF Schatten

Paraphrasing Jimmy “Beau James” Walker... “will you love me in December, as you do in
May??” Cliven Bundy's 15 minutes are up...but, if he hadn't opened his mouth??...would all those who fortified his cause, and were disposed to stand abreast, brothers at arms against the Federal Government, be there now?? More than likely...yes!!

Though it subsists in all political parties...today, it's Politically Incorrect to “Publicly” favor acts of Bigotry and Racism. In today's political theater...one side appears though, to be more apologetic than all the others, condemning such reprehensible acts!! It's the total open mortification of this character...and the guilt, within these people... but for the majority of these Politicos, it's being on the erroneous side of history and morality, with their constituents...that's all. At least until after the Elections.

The Republican Party expresses that they're not Racists...and so many, truly are not!!...but they 'condone' acts of Racism, and 'condone' acts of Bigotry within their organization, to appease the Far Right...and endeavor to pass legislation, which is primarily counterproductive to reinforcing any type of race relations. Voting is not just a Citizen's Right in a constitutional democracy...it's a universal Human Right, not a Privilege, set by those who are privileged.

Maybe it's just coincidence, that all the problems with Voter Rights and Voter Suppression emanates from Red States?? Maybe it's just coincidence that the very same people, supported Cliven Bundy before he “Publicly” opened his immensely colossal fat trap?? And
it appears that in every act of Racism and Bigotry reported, it involves Social Conservatives, the Far Right fringe, and/or the GOP, the New GOP, the Tea Party, or FOXNews!!...just coincidence!!

A List of Cliven Bundy's Supporters, Now That We Know He's a Pro-Slavery Racist - Yahoo News