Apr 7, 2014

New Party??...Same Faces!!

By RF Schatten

Come one, come all...join the “New” Republican Party!! With all the bad publicity, and negative ratings in demographics, the Republicans are having their politically dysfunctional PR staff, set up a new Promotional Campaign, to attract the masses. It's called “The New Republican Party”...without anything new!!

“If you believe that the economy should be driven from the bottom up and not the top
down from Washington, then you're a New Republican!!”...never mind, that the people telling you that, are Supply Side Economics believers. Never seen it “trickle up”!!
“If you believe that every parent ought to be able to choose their child's school,
you're a New Republican”...so join us, from the Inner Cities and demand the right to go to better suburban schools...if you can't afford it...we'll find plenty of Vouchers for you!!
Yes!! we need all of you, to join and help us fight against all your rights...we need
minorities and Blacks to fight for Voter Suppression, the 1% can't do it alone!!
Women!! be a true “New Republican”, and help us fight that War against you...we can't do it without you.

Do I have to go on??...or do you get the point?? And the GOP believes this garbage is
going to sell??They might!! After a disastrous run as Chairman, and a Party in total disarray...they bought Reince Priebus' BS, and re-elected him!!

It's really hard for a Political Party, to attract members...if the members they are trying to attract, are the ones the party is trying to defeat!! All the Promos for the “New Party” are programmed to attract Ignorance...the ones who truly believe in the “Principles of the New Republican Party” and those, are already there...they like to drink Tea. Fools will always follow whatever foolishness they can find, but the rest of the Country won't buy the Promo!!

Until the GOP truly embrace Immigrants and Immigration Issues, until they genuinely embrace Blacks, the Gay Community, Women, Hispanics and all other Ethnic Groups, the Youth, the Elderly...and all their issues!!...Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, now Obamacare...and stop their; War on Women, Anti-Gay attacks, Anti-Environmental
Attacks, and embrace a multi-denominational Society, where all Religions have the same Equal Rights. This is not just a Christian Nation...we're a Multi-Denominational Nation.

Until all that occurs...don't expect the “New Republican Party” to be too “new”...and don't expect a sudden rush of people to join.

You Could Be A 'New Republican' If You Agree With This Ad : It's All Politics : NPR