Apr 27, 2014

Bill Kristol: Don't 'Go Hysterical Over Two Or Three Sentences' By Racist NBA Owner | Crooks and Liars

By RF Schatten

Racists come in two forms. You got your flat out Bigots and Racists...the ones who don't give a damn, and don't care who knows how they feel...who, in the 50's and early 60's, would go out and carry signs saying; “We don't want Niggers in our neighborhood”, or “God Bless White America”. Uneducated, Ignorant assholes like 'that', have existed from day #1...and will continue to exist...only in a more educated society, could the numbers fall.

Then you have your “Closet” Bigots and Racists...those who 'are' a little more educated, and understand, that as much hate you may have...in a civil society, you got to “go with the flow” and live with it!!. And if you're a smart businessman, you can't antagonize
anyone...not, if you want to make money. So, they keep their inner feelings tucked safely away.

Now, people like Donald Sterling crawls out from under a rock...and Bill Kristol comes out with an appeasement; that Sterling should be judged for his Deeds...not his words. “We shouldn't go hysterical over a few sentences”?? That's the whole point!!...it's what those sentences meant!!...what he had implied!!

Modern Conservative American Wealth...by in-large...believes a Black Man's place, is through the back door...and with a serving tray. It must be that Cocktail Party mentality. And as much as they publicly appear with Black, Latino, and other Ethnics Community Leaders, throwing Philanthropic $$$ around, getting a PR Photo-up, and receiving Awards...they still don't want you in 'their' neighborhood!!

But we live in a very open minded society, in general...and the word “Racism”, the act, has become pretty much Socially Incorrect. Being publicly a Racist, is an embarrassment...so why do Conservatives retreat and condemn the Cliven Bundys??...but, the Bill Kristols, come to the defense of the Donald Sterlings??

Bill Kristol: Don't 'Go Hysterical Over Two Or Three Sentences' By Racist NBA Owner | Crooks and Liars