Apr 3, 2014

GOP to NOAA: Don't Study the Weather...just Predict!!

By RF Schatten

Unbelievable!! The US House of Rep. passes a Bill, to Require U.S. Government Weather
Agencies to focus more on “predicting” Storms, and less on “Climate Studies”?? With all do respect, to all the Stupids... “you are stupid”!!

Without Climate Studies on Weather Patterns and Conditions, how are you going
to; 1) Find out what causes those patterns and/or conditions to occur.
2) Determine what can be done. 3) Formulate a plan on how we can resolve
the eminent situation...with that in mind...how the hell are you going to make 'accurate' predictions?!?! Accuracy depends on the person's knowledge of the subject. Climate Studies 'is' essential, if you want to make accurate predictions on the weather!!

Whether you shift funds from Climate Change Research to Severe Weather Forecasting
Research...it's all the same structure and mechanics of Weather research, it works for the better good...once you know what causes what...you'll be able to make better and faster forecasts and predictions. Duh!!!

Now, from Science and other serious matters...again, to our standard, everyday Lunacy. We've had Science deniers forever...at least today, they are required to be a little more
civil. Back in those days, people like Galileo, Vesalius, Copernicus, Kepler, and Sir Isaac Newton, were called “Heretics”.

During the Inquisitions...those wonderful exhibitions of Christianity...at least
107 Catholics, 3 from Eastern Orthodoxies, 1 Calvinist, and 4 others from assorted countries...were Executed. I'm so full of joy, that I live in a much more, civilized world...though, there's some who yearn for those days, right now!!

Someone once said; “The Bible is a mysterious document intentionally written in a style difficult to interpret and contextualize” Santayana said; “The Bible is Literature,
not Dogma”. Religious Fanaticism will live forever, so will Political and Religious Charlatans...and no!! Barack Obama was not the cause for Hurricane Sandy!!

We're in the 21st Century, already...in modern society, common sense always prevails...but, God forbid, if it doesn't!! Then buy a lot of suntan lotion, if it gets Hot...or get plenty of supplies, stock them away, and crawl under a rock...if the next Ice Age

House approves bill undermining climate studies by prioritizing ‘weather-related activities’ | The Raw Story