Apr 22, 2014

A Good Man died on Easter...Ruben Carter was the American Dream

By RF Schatten

A kid raised in the streets of Paterson, NJ…in trouble throughout his youth…rising up against all the adversity, and against all odds…and becoming a very talented Boxer, with a good future, in and outside the ring. Then one night, his dreams came to an abrupt end, and his American Nightmare began. The ugly truth of Racism managed to destroy a promising career…but not his mind or his life.

“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind” ~~ Gandhi

The Hurricane became an eloquent and beautiful Writer, a Motivational Speaker, an Advocate for Prison Reform, Executive Director of the “Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted”, an International Human Rights Activist…and received 2 Honorary Law Degrees…from York University in Canada, and Griffith University in Australia.
He was an Icon and a symbol to many, and an inspiration to a whole new generation. And isn’t that what the American Dream is all about?? Is not just about monetary success…but, about much more!!
As Denzell Washington said; “He lost 7,300 days of his life…but he’s all love”…Ruben really achieved that Dream!!

Much has changed since 1966…yet, so little has really changed. On the upside…there’s a serious determination in American Society, today…within the vast majority of our Country, to cast aside our Social Ills…and learn to live with one another. But you’ll always have those…till all these grown men, ever rise above hate…who will continue to be a scorn on Society.

The fact, that there ‘is’ a Public Outcry in today’s awareness of Racism; the determination, the education, the understanding…using Common Sense and Reason…could be part to Ruben “Hurricane” Carter’s Legacy…he brought us real Public awareness. RIP, Hurricane!!