Apr 8, 2014

You have the Constitutional Right to be Stupid

By RF Schatten

“The saddest aspect of Life right now is, that Science gathers Knowledge faster than Society gathers Wisdom” ~~ Isaac Asimov

Aaron Miller, is the latest example of why the Republican Party, has become the Party of the Stupids...a Party that advocates the lowering of Educational standards...which means, advocating Ignorance. They may not truly believe they're doing it...but they are!!
In his defense, yes!! He can home-school his daughter, all he wants...but Science remains part of his state's Educational Requirements.
Now, this man wants to get elected to Congress, and pass legislation to stop the teaching of “Science” in the American Classrooms...and it's not all just about “Evolution”. He's really going to get far with that!!...but the Climate Deniers, Anti-environmentalists, Flat Earth believers, Social Conservative Anti-evolution aficionados, and all the Tea Drinking
crowd...will love it!!
It's curious to see Science Deniers use the Internet and TV, both brainchilds of Science...to push their agenda, and convince people that Science doesn't exist.

My question is; why does anyone want their Child to be Stupid??
Science, is the Latin for “Knowledge”. Every single solitary thing you know, that you have learned, that you've experienced and thought about, throughout your lifetime...including what you have learned from your parents...all of it, is derived from all the different bodies of Science...Physical, Social, Formal, Applied, Interdisciplinary, Life,
and Philosophy.

Where is the common sense, that says people do not need to be Educated?? There are quite a few that would prefer the Ignorance for themselves and their kids...those who prefer to live back in the beginning, roughing it out as people of the land...the common
clay of the new west. There are others who simply, rather find a cave...and stay there till some Spiritual Revelation shows them the light, out.

Mr. Miller just represents what people like him believe. And it's more than just the “Bible”, they want to impose all their beliefs on their kids...don't let them think for themselves, like the Texas School Systems believes about Critical Thinking.

And they will fail, again!! as everyone else has done throughout History!!...as Penn Physics Professor David Balamuth said; “You can't limit people's desire to understand the way the world works”

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