Apr 17, 2014

The GOP is now the all-time defender of Women's Equal Rights...yeah!! whatever

By RF Schatten

Oh!! how times change!!…you can’t hide your true self inside the Political Arena anymore, your life is exposed for the world to see…in living color and high definition…every word, every action, every facial expression. You can Bullshit that sector of the population that’s susceptible to propaganda misinformation…but you can’t Bullshit, the more than ¾ of the population who thinks, they’re all full of it!!

The GOP…who is trying to re-invent themselves as the “New Republican Party”…apparently, are trying to get away from their “Equal Pay for Women??…Are you crazy???” mentality. So, what does the Party of Old, Rich, White Conservatives…with no idea about women, except whatever their wives tell them …spread the good word about the GOP Woman?? Rep. Marsha Blackburn is there…to fight for your Rights!!

 Your not going to find too many Republican Women, speaking out against Women Rights. Though, it’s not surprising that Blackburn spoke up. She loves Women!! She was once quoted saying; “Women don’t want Equal Pay Laws”…and voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act…she’s all for Women and Equal Pay for Women!! That’s why she never votes in their behalves. Marsha Blackburn is a “Professional” Politician with a Degree in Home Economics. All the jobs she’s ever held after College are Political…she’s ambitious, and will vote partisan for the cause…to achieve whatever goal matters at the time, and whatever her goals are.

I give her credit…but with all due respect…with a BS in Home EC, it’s more than just being a nice smart person…where are the credentials to be a member of such committee, as The Energy and Commerce Committee?? and Subcommittees on Healthcare, Commerce Manufacturing and Trading?? She’s there to give her loyal Conservative Vote for the GOP, nothing else…and build up her long term GOP Resume.

The Republican Party is, and has long been…the Leaders in Women Equal Rights???
Hey!! at least they’re trying to believe that…give them credit. They’re a long way from re-branding themselves…after all, it’s hard to change habits. In their world…a Woman is a threat to the Masculinity of the White Power Broker…that’s, what it all comes down to with the GOP. These people have a passion for Hawks…not Doves. They don’t want to lose that power, they have…American Machismo.
They won’t give up, without a battle…but, they’ll waste a lot of $$$ and at the end…still lose