Jun 2, 2014

The Moral Bankruptcy of today's Chickenhawks

 By RF Schatten

We have an internment camp at our military base in Guantanamo...where 154 "Detainees" have been our House Guests, since Bush II's desert excursion in behalf of his Texas associates, and his search of
Magical WMDs...at a cost of $800,000/yr per Detainee...compared to the $25,000/yr cost of a Federal Prisoner. The Operating Costs for the camp, since it opened in 2002...runs at $150 Million/yr. And in
all of this, 'We', the Taxpayers...are the ones, forking up our hard earned money to keep this place, open!!

Now, after the Exchange, we have 149 detainees left...and what to do with them??...that's the $64,000 Dollar Question. You have an outcry by the Left...with a lot of nudging from the Right... that Obama has not kept his promise to close, the camp facility at Gitmo. Then you have all those, who don't want the remaining 149, to be transferred into the United States...so where do they go?? Remember, they haven't even been charged officially, with anything!!, they haven't gone to trial...that's why they're listed as "Detainee". No one knows what to do with them, except the Taxpayers...but, what the hell
do we know?...we just pay the Bills.

Afghanistan is a long ways away from the United States, and from Cuba. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is a lucky man!!...lucky, because there was someone out there, who believed it was the right and moral thing to do, our moral obligation to our fighting men and women, that no one is ever left
behind. But the continuous immoral, political grandstanding of the GOP, merrily rolls along..."Obama violated US Laws by approving the exchange"!! Why are they so mad?? because they can't take
any credit for it??...more like, Obama comes out looking good!! As President, he has the right to negotiate with whoever he wants...as long as he reports back to Congress. But, there are times when it's better...when it's the right thing to do, for secret negotiations.
What's so unusual about it?? during the Cold War, it was routine!!...but this time, you have a Republican Congress, that really doesn't have too many values of their own, when it comes to the concerns of our GIs...as seen, by all their actions taken towards our American Veterans.

It all comes down to Morality!! the difference between the Moral and the Immoral Man. The
GOP, condemns a Man for doing what's Morally right, as politically motivated. "The United States of America does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind." Politically motivated or
not...Sgt. Bergdahl is coming home!!
The Immoral Man...for political motivation...would secretly negotiate with a Foreign Government, without the knowledge of his own Government or his President...strike a deal...then make all those in captivity, wait even longer, till he's sworn in as President...so to get, maximum exposure in all his glory, and the maximum Sound Bytes!! Today's virtuous Republicans, remain the same as ever...not too virtuous.
Welcome Home!! Sgt. Bergdahl...thank you, for your service to our country!!

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