Dec 19, 2014

The Superior Logic of a Fool

By RF Schatten

The Superior Logic of the "GOP Legend". When a right-wing news website names you a legend of the Grand Old Party....and the legend boast how superior her logic might think this whole story came out from The Onion. But, the story is real!...the fool now claims how superior she is. How logical is it to run for president and be more uninformed than Sarah "I see Russia from my backyard" Palin?

How can she destroy the Liberal (and Progressive) argument that she is a moron? In New Hampshire, she described Concord as the cradle of the American Revolution. When corrected by the audience (in typical upper New England accent); "that's Concord, Massss!'re in Concord, New Hampsha!"...her response was a smile and continued about all the exploits in the Revolution by the state of New Hampshire. Her logic was to look like an she did again, in the Hawkeye State. In a Waterloo, Iowa campaign rally, she described how great it felt to be in the birthplace of a truly great American hero...John Wayne! Beautiful speech, just marvelous! she didn't miss a line!...except a little known fact, only to the good people of Waterloo, Iowa...this truly, not so great American Hero from Waterloo was also named John Wayne...John Wayne Gacy! How one clown, can bring back the bad memories of another clown to a small town. She didn't get too many "straws" from Waterloo in the "Straw Poll" ...sounds logical enough!

Superior Logic? more like superior shrewdness...there's nothing scholastically superior about the All American Welfare Queen, except her shrewd ways to make a buck, including Federal Farm Subsidies and multi-Foster Kids...and let us not forget her and Marcus' Anti-Gay Exorcism Clinic. Shrewd? yes! great GOP Legend? you must be kidding! Superior Logic and Intellect? say that, if she would've been re-elected, but she decided to retire...on the advice that she would've lost in a landslide. The worst record for accuracy by far of any 2012 Presidential Candidate, according to Politifact.
Michele Bachmann is an ultimate media clown...the Midwest version of the Alaska version. Superior Logic? let's say New Hampshire was just some Brain Fog, unless she flunked US History in grade school and high school...she should've known. Iowa? can't really blame her...her staff should've told her. But 'that's' the telltale of who she really is. Logic comes from within...nobody can tell you what you want to say, or what to do, or how to do it. Don't just follow, only what your staff tells some research yourself, it's just logical. If she would've won...then boast her "Superior Logic" after winning.
They say; it's wiser to remain silent and be thought, as a fool...than to speak up and remove all doubts. Apparently her superior logic hasn't grasped that yet!!