Dec 30, 2014

Obama on the use of the Veto Pen: Make my day!!

By RF Schatten

While the GOP really believes they got one over on President Obama, because they've got control of Congress...they keep forgetting they've lost just about every single confrontation in Capital Hill with Obama!!.    

Ever since Mitch and the Grand Old Party made it clear, they had no intentions whatsoever of ever working or cooperating with Barack Obama...oh! just about 3 minutes after Karl Rove went bunkers live on FOX, I would say!...a brazen disrespect has been systematically carried out, the questioning of his personal and moral character, the questioning of every judgement as Chief Executive, even the questioning his own constitutional authority!! A professional propaganda machine, set in place to distort the facts with lies and innuendos...even Roger Ailes, admitted 'that'! Their job is to promote the Republican Party, period!! But, most important...the availability of benefactors and all 'their' $$$, to buy the best Politicians $$$ can buy...and change all the laws to benefit them.

The advantage the Republicans have had with Obama, weights heavily on the fact that Barack Obama is a good and decent man...a nice guy who really believes in the Advice and Consent...and prefers to work with a bi-partisan Congress. That said, you have a Republican Party that believes in the wisdom and virtues of Leo the Lip! "Nice guys finish last!" They really don't give a shit what the American Public cares about! Yea! they won!...because the American Public, really didn't give a shit who the hell won!l

But don't ever underestimate the nice guy. He's smart and has accomplished way more in Legislations than anyone thought...given the relentless obstructionism by the Tea loving Republicans. He's a lame duck President with no one to answer to...and if it means his legacy? He'll do whatever it takes...if it's the Veto Pen, so be it!! Abusive power of the Pen?? Barack Obama has less Vetoes than any President since James Garfield...and since he technically shouldn't count, because his presidency was cut would have to go back even further to the mid-19th Century. So, what's the big deal with a few Vetoes? He's overdue for more than just a few!

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances" ~~.Thomas Jefferson

The one constant that Barack Hussein Obama has had throughout his Presidency, and throughout his life...the one constant that has frustrated the hell out of all Obama haters...he remains always cool and unruffled under all circumstances!!

Obama Warns GOP He Plans To Use Veto Pen In 2015