Jul 3, 2014

"A Virgin to Humiliation"...an Adulterous' self-denial

 By RF Schatten

Humiliation…is about the only thing, Monica Lewinsky must have been a Virgin at. She wasn’t a young, innocent girl…she’s a college educated lady…she knew the risks and she knew the consequences.

Her infamous affair with Bill Clinton, took place between 1995-97. In 1992, she started an affair with her former High School teacher, Andy Bleiler…married, with children…and it lasted till 1997. She must have been, one busy woman between 95 and 97!! She began her “Unpaid" Internship at the White House, for Leon Panetta, in July of 1995…by December of 95, she had a fully paid position at the White House’s Legislative Affairs Office. She’s no Virgin, on the practice of how to make friends and influence people…and, how get ahead in the political world.

Now!! does it surprise anyone, of her sudden re-birth into the Great American Political Show?? Oh!! of course!! there’s these little rumors flying around, here and there…that Hillary may be running for President in 2016!! Does anyone really care anymore??…or have they ever did?? With a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and a Master’s in Social Psychology… you would’ve expected her to move on with her life, by now…in a new career. But, she hasn’t held any formal employment, since she worked at the Pentagon…before the scandal. She’s dabbled into Fashion, done a little writing, and has become a entertainment personality…but, has never reached the political heights, she envisioned for herself…before her Virginity was humiliated.