Jul 20, 2014

Politicizing and Exploiting Religion, for Hate

 By RF Schatten

Barack Obama exploiting the crash to benefit the gay agenda?? More like Christian Talk Hosts, exploiting the immense Ignorance of their flock.
Politicize a tragedy to normalize "Sexual Deviancy"?? If anyone is trying to politicize anything...it's this soulless excuse of a human being. The hatred for a Black man is so great with White Christian America, that it's become the norm, to attack the President for whatever excuse they can muster up...and rally their fanatically faithful, with it.

First, was the Batshit Radio theories that the downing of MH17, was a conspiracy by Obama to help the Dems in November...now, this latest horseshit. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Savage, Imus, Ingraham...and company...live for finding or creating anything, out of anything...as long as they can gather their masses and lead them through their continuous, never-ending journey into nowhere. Let them believe, that they 'are' what God meant for Christianity to be like. No one has politicized "Religion" in America, more than the Social Conservative Christian movement.

What they're doing is, insulting the Intelligence of our Nation, both here and abroad...but again...the Republicans insult on the daily basis, both the intelligence and the character of Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Women, and both...the elderly and the young...among others!! They insult the Poor, the Middle Class, the Sick, and the Vets...who do they really care for?? We know who!! Which is ironic, because they defend the cause of those, who at the end...have no use for any of them...and if elected, their usefulness will be quickly terminated. No one said, these are the smartest cookies to ever come out of the cookie factory!!

Christian Radio Host Says Obama Politicized MH17 to Normalize ‘Sexual Deviancy’ - The Daily Beast