Jul 22, 2014

Rick Perry remembers the Alamo, and braces for the Invasion of the dastardly Fruity Loops

By RF Schatten

Rick Perry, the Master of Oops, appears he really wants to run for President...just, one more time. This whole spectacle on the US/Mexico Border, is all election cycle Political Grandstanding...a very expensive political reality show, to put on. But what's $$$ to Rick Perry?? it's the Taxpayers'.

The genius of this man...send in a force of 1,000 National Guardsman to help protect the Border, against an invading force of pre-teen kids. His actions?? "I will not stand idly by while American Citizens are attacked". As Jon Stewart said; "Don't call it an invasion, till the invaders can reach and open their own cereal boxes"!! In Perry's statement, while mentioning American Citizens being attacked, he also mentioned "children living in squalor". Unless he meant American kids on the Texas border, which with Perry's Texas Welfare policies, is very probable...he's talking about the invaders!! And if they live in squalor, why would he care, if he doesn't want them to come in, anyhow??
This, is just a living testament on how to exploit a tragedy for political gains...and in Rick Perry's case, it will eventually backfire, like always...for just, another "oops" moment.

This whole experiment in absolute stupidity, comes with a heavy price tag; The estimated cost to state taxpayers is $5,000,000/week. Perry said, he doesn't know where the money will come from, and is hoping the Federal Government will reimburse the state's expenses...this way, we pay the bill, not Texas...just like Greg Abbott said; “Texas is willing to put the boots on the ground but Washington is going to foot the bill".

Now, the irony of this story is...the Sheriffs on the Border, don't want the military in there!! “I don’t know what good they can do,” said Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio “I need people who I can hire who know the community, the language and who can help.” Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra, echoed Lucio's thoughts. Apparently, Texas' Sheriffs along the Border, prefer to hire new Deputies with what $5 million/week brings in. Probably, from all those Sheriff Deputies on layoffs throughout the State, due to Rick's budget cuts!!

Perry says troops will be “force multiplier” to battle crime; sheriffs say they need deputies, not military | Dallas Morning News