Jul 14, 2014

Marco Rubio's Adventures in Science

 By RF Schatten

"I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate, the way these scientists are portraying it".
Sounds very articulate!!...specially for a man who once was asked about the age of the Earth, for which this self-proclaimed savior...who's "the only person that can beat Hillary"...said: "I'm not a Scientist, man!!"

He's publicly claimed, he's not a Scientist...and the whole world agrees...but, he believes that our Climate problems are not as bad as 99.9% of professional scientists, all over the world...says it is. With Miami scheduled to go under, as Sea Levels rise, it appears that concern in South Florida has risen sharply among the population...with the exception of those elected, to solve these problems.
For Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott?? what problem?? to people like Rubio and Scott, it's the problem of our future generations...the 'screw them' "Reagan Republican mentality", because 100 years from now we won't be around, anyhow.

Is Marco Rubio, truly an Idiot?? as Mayor Philip Stoddard believes...or is he just simply a fool, behaving like the good bitch for his political benefactors??. Either way, he's an insult to his
constituency, who are demanding some type action. The biggest insult, is that he lives there...and knows what is morally right and morally wrong. His excuse?? "It's bad for the economy". 

Well!! he won't have to worry much about the local economy...once everyone is dead or holding their breath forever..when Sea Levels rise and South Beach is 10-15 ft below.

South Miami Mayor: Marco Rubio Is An 'Idiot'