Jul 30, 2014

The GOP's shameless lack of humility towards Children...and other living things

By RF Schatten

We condemn other countries...even condemn President Obama about killing civilians...yet we don't condemn Israel. Why?

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) insisted he was totally comfortable, with Israel killing thousands of civilians in the current war...if it meant wiping out Hamas. "It's worth it", said Kirk. This 'warning' to the President...is it suppose to instill fear on Obama? because if they think, they're going to manipulate a "Low Poll Ratings" President...don't underestimate Barack Obama. Low Poll ratings tend to rise in times of crisis...as it did for another one, on a sunny Sept.11th morning...things, tend to turn around rather quickly. Republicans are playing with fire...and in an election year? it looks like a death wish.

To make a long story, short. The GOP does not want anyone to negotiate a Peace Treaty...allow one side to systematically, destroy the other...while condemning the other, for everything that's happened. They believe in the total annihilation of a political/para-military organization...the overthrow of a Government, along with as many civilian deaths as it takes...without ever the thought, that Hamas is a an organization, that like all other Middle Eastern entities, self-replenishes. They're not going away, ever!! while legalized violence towards human beings, exist...peace, is the most morally human thing, civilized people can accomplish. Not wanting or allowing someone to make peace...is indecent!! This is what the GOP stands for...blatant immoral hypocrisy. "Obama drones are killing civilians, we must stop the killing of civilians in wars!!" The GOP doesn't care who dies, whether it's in our schools or in our streets...crazies, saying to kill the kids crossing over the border...so, why should they care about kids and civilians in other countries?

This, is your GOP...the acknowledgment, that they feel comfortable with killing civilians at an acceptable level....wonder how they feel about Mutually Assured Destruction? But, their minds, don't make contact with common sense. Killing civilians to inspire fear...will only, piss them off even more!!

Congress Warns Obama Not to Push Israel for Ceasefire