Jul 8, 2014

If things aren't crazy enough in Ole Miss...the Clown Squad is coming to the Rescue

 By RF Schatten

Chris McDaniel ran a filthy, disgusting, and extremely disrespectful race...yet, he has the gull to suggest that his opponent cheated!! Only a Batshit Tea mentality, appreciates all this political theater. I guess cheating, is something Republicans know too well!!

This race was meant to be a breeze for McDaniel...his opponent was too old, and McDaniel was riding a high on PAC $$$...and then, came the shameless antics, involving Thad Cochran's poor sick wife. Was this race fixed?? Apparently it was Certified with all its blessings, by the Mississippi Republican Party...then sent to the Governor...and on, to become Officially Certified by the Secretary of State. Did the whole Ole Miss GOP conspire against the Tea Party?? If they did...does anyone
feel sorry for the Tea Party?? Maybe the old GOP establishment, is finally growing some cojones??...something that wouldn't hurt a lot of Democrats, either!! My bet, is that McDaniel is so repulsive, that even many Conservatives within the inner party circles, were embarrassed as hell. At the end, politics is politics...and the Tea, lost this round!! Live with it, folks!!

This whole Election, became a Political Circus when McDaniel entered the Race, backed by SuperPAC $$$. Until now, this "Political Circus" has been minus their Superstars...but, don't worry fans!! here they come to save the day!! Enter, stage right!! Send in the Clowns!! Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin...all prepared with enough sound-bytes to drive your average God fearing Mississippi Tea Bagger, totally giddy!! Teddy's 1st sound-byte: "Voting irregularities are 'appalling'". Appalling, from a man who knows very well, what Appalling is...right, Mr. Cruz??

Ted Cruz Joins Calls For Investigation Into Alleged Illegal Voting In Mississippi