Jul 13, 2014

Darrell Issa: The living embodiment of today's Republican Party Morals

By RF Schatten

He represents everything that the GOP, privately stands for...and publicly displays. He's got superficial charm, pretentious self-worth, is a habitual liar, with a lack of empathy, remorse , and guilt. Darrell Issa 'is' today's Republican Party. It's no surprise that 'Politicians" share identical pathological traits with "Serial Killers".

What kind of character is Darrell Issa?? A man who admits to spending the taxpayers' $$$ for Political Theater...and who has issued more subpoenas (almost 100) than the last 3 previous chairmen, combined...and in half the time!! What has all his investigations led to?? nothing at
all!! just Political Grandstanding...which he now admits to do, as part of his everyday life. A sleaze with a criminal past, and how $$$ and influence can get records expunged...and a businessman infamously associated with the Fire Insurance claims industry.

Issa is the embodiment of what the GOP preaches. He's today's Republican cocktail of Dumbo droppings with a jigger of Tea. If you want controversy, Issa is your man!! he's the GOP's personal Sound Byte. I guess he didn't take too well, for the demotion from his beloved Benghazi...John Boehner, in the meantime...has a new bitch in town, spending more $$$ for another Benghazi hearing, while ignoring the funds for our Veterans. Another Benghazi hearing??...why not, it's the Republican way!! Spend $$$, while covering up the fact, they have accomplished absolutely zero since 2008...and have never had a single viable Political Policy or Plan, in their party's agenda.

Darrell Issa Destroys His Obama Investigation With Admission That It's Political Theater