Jul 30, 2014

ReaganBook: Their own little piece of CyberSpace

 By RF Schatten

"Facebook for Patriots"...how Patriotic!! Looks like all those Trolls, wiggling themselves throughout all the Facebook Groups ...have come to the realization, no one likes them. With a Facebook user list at 1.32 Billion+, you would presume...somebody out there, likes them? Maybe, is just their Politics not in style, at this time...the world is much more liberal, now days.

Conservatives, believe Facebook is too Liberal, so they are launching..."ReaganBook"!! complete in a patriotic Red, White, and Blue decor. Now, Conservatives, Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, and others from all over the Net...can migrate to ReaganBook, co-mingle, plus troll and annoy each other to death. Try it out!!...first inside reviews? “We’re tearing down walls of tyranny and
censorship,"...translation: you're allowed to spread Hate Speech... It's a Conservative Christian, Family Values version of Sodahead.

It's very interesting, that a Pro Family Faith Group decided to name this venture, after Ronald Reagan...a divorced man who never, personally represented Family Values...and a man whose immorality of negotiating behind his own government's back, for strictly political profit...put
himself first and foremost, over his own country. And a moral man, who negotiated arms for drugs...while his wife was saying "No to Drugs". But again, I guess he does represent the moral values of today's GOP

Conservatives Launch ReaganBook: 'Facebook For Patriots'