Jul 15, 2014

Legalizing Religious Bigotry?? With SCOTUS, you have a friend!!

By RF Schatten

Before people go berserk on this issue, remember that the Court Ruling affects only "privately" held
Corporations...it's not about "Public" Corporations where stockholders come in every color, race, and creed. It'll never succeed with Publicly held Corporations, even if they try the same Court route, for that ruling.

Still, it's an issue in which SCOTUS was morally wrong. The Employer just pays for his Group
Insurance...the Employee is the one who pays the premiums...and no one should have the right to tell his or her employee, what they may do, or how they should administer their own personal, Medical Plan. And the bullshit that Employers' Group Rates will increase with Obamacare??...is simply bullshit!! They are getting a better discount on Group Rates, than ever before. The entire Medical Insurance Industry is currently riding on a high, while treading in unfamiliar waters...never
experienced before. The complaints?? all Republican!!...they hate to see things going right, when they can't take the credit!!

The Supreme Court's decision was another prime example of how 5 Conservative non-theologian Justices, continue to 'politically interpret' Religious Freedom...from arguments made by Christians who interpret their 'own version' of their Religion. The most disgusting aspect of all this?? 4 of the 5 Conservatives are heavily indebted financially, to all requests from their benevolent benefactors...and to that end...they have managed to legalize Religious Bigotry.

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