Jul 18, 2014

Illusions: The Cubans' Love Affair with the GOP

 By RF Schatten

 Another shinning example of the lack of understanding of a Multicultural Society, by the GOP. Cuban Society in the the United States is no different now, than it was back in Cuba,
throughout its post independence since the early 1900s... Cubans have always tended to be Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal. With the Cuban influx since 1959, it really didn't changed

much...Cuban Culture has remained basically the same.

How did they become Republicans?? When Jack Kennedy pulled out of his assistance at the Bay
of Pigs!! The Miami Cuban Community didn't appreciate that, so to spite JFK, they registered Republican. Through the years the old guard would vote GOP blindly...not because of the Party's ideology, but because the Party's continually infused Castro sound bytes; Fighting Communism in
Cuba, and Remember what JFK did to them. Well!! the last of the old guard is in their 90s, still saying that Fidel will be overthrown in about 2 weeks to a month...they've been saying it, since 1961.

Today, we have a whole new generation of Cuban Americans, who have no clue...unless beaten in by their parents...who "Camilo Cienfuegos" is, but know "Ché Guevara", because he's the guy with the Black Beret, whose face is on Posters everywhere. It's a new generation far from the days of Cuban Revolutions...to them, that was a hundred years ago in someone else's history books. They still tend to be fiscally conservative, like their parents, and socially liberal...but, most of all...well educated.
Historically, among the most educated Hispanic Societies.

With a Republican Party where lunacy reigns supreme, with their continuous circus of batshit performing clowns and absurd political suicidal agenda...a 7% drop in GOP registered voters since 2008, and a drop of Cuban Republicans from 64% to 47%...Cubans are looking at all this madness, and saying; "Con toda esta locura?? para el carajo con el GOP!!" Don't understand what it means?? neither does the GOP...that's the problem.

Why Cubans Are Defecting From the Republican Party | John A. Tures