Jul 27, 2014

Michele's homophobic despair...and the ever loving Ignorance, that believes her

 By RF Schatten

The queen of batshit American homophobia, is at it again!! I guess the Bachmann Family's "Gay Exorcism" Clinic, where Marcus will miraculously...for the right price...exorcize all your gayness away!! has slowed down quite a bit, now that gayness is viewed in a more favorable light. She needs to stir up some business!!  

The one dimensional hatred, the embarrassing lies, and the sheer ignorance this crazy lady spews...it's not hard to see, why she's retiring...her so called righteous life, is quickly catching up. And it
appears now, it wasn't so righteous after all. Her next travels in her road of life??... from Congress to Prison...for both, Michele and Marcus the Exorcist. Michele in prison??...with all those women!! that would make an interesting scenario. For Marcus??...could be in 7th Heaven!!

Human intelligence in our society knows all this horseshit, is just that. The fact, today's Right prefers to live in our society, in a regressed life form...more power to them...but this cast of clowns will never be living, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Are White Conservative males so insecure about their masculinity?? or are they just scared...what someone may find in their 'closet'?? If the division that exists in this country, today...whether it's race, economic equality, religions, classes, or cultures...is ever going to stop, we must come to a meeting of the minds. The more divided we are, the more we fall...probably, that's the whole intention of their exercise. For the United States to regress into 'their' world...back to the caves!! Where else but the Caves, for Science deniers.

Bachmann: Gays Want Laws That Would Let Adults 'Prey On Little Children Sexually'