Jul 28, 2014

GOP to America: Rich Kids eat Filet Mignon. Poor kids? Let them eat Cake!!

 By RF Schatten

God, Family, and Country...which comes first to you?? If you're a Republican...add $$$. Which comes first to them??
What Republicans are truly all about: The world, for the Rich and the Famous...trickle a buck or two, to those ignorant inside the middle class, for their vote...and the infamous Royal Screw Job to the Poor!! If you make $160,000/yr or more...you get a $2,200 Tax Cut. If you make $14,000/yr or less...you lose $1,725. Makes sense?? only, if you're rich. Republicans love kids...if their parents have a lot of $$$. They just proved, that they absolutely don't give a rat's ass for those less fortunate.

Now, you will find Dumbo believers, trolling around...extolling all the virtues of Republicanism. Why is it a good thing to help the rich?? and why is it a good thing, to take it away from the poor...and give it to the rich?? a little touch of oligarchical flair, to all this. They will throw their everlasting supply of political horseshit, to convince you, why all this done by the GOP is what's right for America...what's right for business. Then throw-in economics into the picture...specially since 90% of the population doesn't have a clue, unless you speak to them in very layman's terms...which is, why they don't!! And they'll act while looking down at you...in the most reserve, sincere and humble way, as if; "Oh, well...that's the way God meant life to be, I guess".

The GOP today, is the party of exclusivity...loyally serving those benefactors, who believe they have the exclusive right to have laws changed to fit their own personal agenda, just because of their monetary wealth...and to exclude those, who don't meet 'their' profile standards. They are the sole, self-proclaimed protectors of the wealthiest 1% of the country...and will do whatever it takes, including the downfall of the United States...to protect their $$$. Their mission is to divide the nation, by denying the same standards of Living, the same standards of Health, and the same standards of Education...and turning our society into a Ruling Class Society. They 'are' dangerous people...and the dangerous issues of Income Inequality and Class Warfare, 'are' by far, the most serious issues facing our Nation, today...and should be addressed 1st and foremost, much more than the Economy, Immigration, or Foreign Affairs.
On the upside...it's their Tea drinking, one dimensional minions, who's taken control of the GOP...with a minority of members, controlling the majority's mind and their will. Nothing gets accomplished, except repealing Obamacare 50+ times...so far. This House vote? will get nowhere in the Senate...like every other bill sent, just so they can keep their record alive...for not passing anything!!

The GOP's open arms' welcome of the Tea Party movement, onto the national stage, has become a very unwelcome proposition...and with elections less than 100 days away...a very sticky divorce, they don't need at this time. Looking at the wise "Old Guard" getting emasculated by the seriously stupid, is really sad.   It looks like "Hal" has taken over...and no one's flying the Republican craft.

GOP to America: Rich Kids Are Worth More Than Poor Kids | Mother Jones