Jul 7, 2014

White House to Boehner: Hey!! read this!!

 By RF Schatten

A Business Consultant, who happens to be Speaker of the House, wants to challenge a Constitutional Lawyer/Professor, who happens to be President of the United States...on the constitutionality of the Constitution. And do it, on behalf of the US House of Representatives!!...with all expenses paid, courtesy of the taxpayers of the United States!!

With a track record for least accomplishments by any Congress in history. His reputation as a master in the art of political fornication, is all he has going for him...all, just to keep his precious Speakership Throne. He has become the fool of the old establishment...entertaining the "New" Republicans with old fashioned Political Grandstanding, that's not going to go anywhere, and if it does?...it will end in another political embarrassment.

John Boehner has absolutely nothing left to offer his grand old party, no one has him in their dance card...just more embarrassments for Republicans, and their failure in Congress to pass any laws. Though he acts like a stupid buffoon, most of the time, John Boehner is not a stupid man. With his failure as Speaker...why would he want so much more humiliation?? History won't change...the fact that under his leadership, Congress has been the least productive, in the history of the United States...the fact that his personal character, has been trashed throughout the political world. Resign and walk away...that's what a respectful gentleman would do. Pass the torch to a better man...not stay on, just to satisfy egos, self-gratifications, and financial gains. But this is John Boehner, he won't walk away!!...because he's not a gentleman, he's not respectful, and most of all...he doesn't have any of the moral values, he preaches so much, about. 

The White House Had A Peculiar Response To John Boehner's Strategy For Suing Obama