Jul 21, 2014

The Honor...or Dishonor...of being mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary

By RF Schatten

Congratulations to the Tea Party, Christian Conservatives, and all other Right Wing organizations!! You officially made it into the Oxford Dictionary...we all had faith, you would some day!!

The Oxford Organization, is now using these groups as examples of what "Bigotry" really means. For years everyone knew the KKK, the Arian Nation, Neo-Nazis, and Social Conservative Christians...are Bigots and Racists. Many, still would dispute that charge...they never admit publicly, they 'are'...they just physically and verbally 'demonstrate' their true feelings. Now, they can proudly be universally identified as Hate Groups. There's other hate groups around...so, for a complete list, check out the "Southern Poverty Law Center".

What many fail to mention, is today's "Suits" version of hate groups...those who function in a more legitimate and civil manner...under the guise of Citizens United, Americans for Prosperity, and FreedomWorks. And all under the subliminal umbrella of the Cato Institute and the John Birch Society...their benefactors. Is the John Birch Society a hate organization?? Always been!!...why should they be any different now??

While Republicans, Tea Partiers, and FOX, try to argue that all this by The Oxford Organization, is probably another international conspiracy to make Obama look good, and make them look bad...you have those Republican Trolls roaming the Internet, and annoying everyone...while pushing the "double standard" line, of Liberals and Progressives being the ones using Bigotry, Racism, and Hate. Well!! my dear Red Troll friends, call us whatever you want, because it will never stand...but, when we call you a Racist and a Bigot...remember, we're just following the proper guidelines of what the words mean...as written by the Oxford Dictionary!!  

Bigotry Definition From Oxford Now Lists Christians And Tea Party Right Wing Politics As Examples