May 23, 2014

When you run out of Bullshit...start some more!!

 By RF Schatten

He’s an Enigma within his own imagination…understood only by the postulating ignorance of his admirers.

Raphael Eduardo Cruz, must’ve been a rotten little kid…the schemer who gets all the kids motivated…then throws the first rock, and runs. He’s your quintessential political Charlatan…a quack, spewing his horseshit to the gullible ignorance, who thinks he’s the next Messiah!!…hey!! it must be true, because his pastor Dad said so!! God spoke to him the minute Teddy was born; God chose Ted and destined him for greatness!!…and his destiny is to save freedom in America!!…and the world!!

Ted Cruz has reached his limit, he’ll never be anything else, than what he is today…a “Sound Byte” dropper to inspire the masses…”Commies under every bed!!” (in honor of his hero, Joe McCarthy), Obamacare!! Benghazi!! Debt Ceiling!! Benghazi!! Jobs!! Benghazi!!…keeps his loonies motivated, and keeps the attention away enough…from the fact that; neither He or any other member of the GOP, have a clue of a plan, on
what their real official public opposing arguments, and their respective plans…are ever going to be…on anything!! Not now, not since before 2008…and the world is still waiting!!

Maybe, he just wants to find another cause, to bring up more Committee Hearings??…God knows, they have nothing else to do…since they’re doing shit now, anyhow!! But!! it’s all about Ted Cruz…first and foremost. About those Sound Bytes, and most of all…the Spotlight!!…and an opportunity for yet another Photo-Op, so he can have yet another
pic…with another stupid looking expression, added to the other 500+ goofy stupid pics of his puss, in Google Search Images. He’s like “Sid 6.7” not all there!!…but loves the Spotlights, the Cameras, and specially the Attention!!

Ted Cruz drops bombshell: Senate Democrats to ‘repeal the First Amendment’ this year