May 17, 2014

The Sophisticated Social Bigotry of Charter Schools

By RF Schatten

"Segregation now, Segregation tomorrow, and Segregation forever!!" George Wallace was wrong…but it took a courageous man to admit that. George Wallace apologized years later, and was truly remorseful…and in 1982, he received over 90% of the Black Vote in
Alabama. In today’s Social Conservatism, George Corley Wallace would’ve been heavily ostracized, for admitting he was wrong.

60 years since Brown vs. the Board of Education…today, “Segregation” is Politically incorrect, and at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to “Conventional Wisdom”…but you can’t keep a good Bigot or Racist down!! New ways, new schemes, and more sophisticated approaches. It’s called “when White Conservative Christianity meets the joys of Capitalism”…oh Lord!! if you can’t change the laws…change the ways, around the laws…we’ll repent later!!

The latest innovation in the collective minds of these fine people…comes the Charter Schools. We know the “pros” and “cons” of Charter Schools…but it goes beyond all the artificial motives, beyond all Racial agenda…it’s sophisticated Social Bigotry!! Selective Class Segregation!!…Anyone can go to a Charter School…if you can afford it…if you can’t?? get a “Voucher”!! But how many Charter Schools do you find in the Inner Cities?? It’s a way to systematically segregating our Society…not by “Race”, but by the “Class” distinction. A less educated Society, is far more vulnerable to exploitations by Charlatans and Demagogues…Education and the Internet, are the biggest evils the Right Wing fears, today!!. Anti-Public Education, and Anti-Net Neutrality!! who’s taking those sides??

The vast majority of the vocal public political support for Charter Schools, comes from the far right…from which, the vast majority of them are Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, and some…Lower Class. The exact target of children, that would lose out in Education…if there was no American Public School System. Who wants to eliminate Public Education??

It may seem odd…but oddity today is mainstream…the very same people who complain about Government giveaways to the poor…support an organization that’s sucking the Government in school “Vouchers”…making Charter, an official welfare dependent!!

Racial segregation returns to schools 60 years after the Supreme Court banned it