May 10, 2014

The bitter pill of defeat...and the GOP's self-denial

 By RF Schatten

When someone becomes a Professional Politico, it's expected that common whatever philosophic mindset, they acknowledge...will play a key role, in shaping their Profile and career.
Paul Ryan is just a cry baby...a little boy, who likes to show off his "Dumbbells" pics, and his Mom at rallies...portray himself to White Collar middle class America, as your everyday next door neighbor...except he's kind of picky, of who his neighbors really are.    

Give it up, already!! You lost!! it's time to move on!! Absolutely, no one...except a bunch of non-professional Tea loving politicians, who need to keep any talking point alive, for election cycle one, no one at all!!...cares any more. But Paul Ryan has been baptized, as the Mouthpiece and Boy Toy of "Big Bubba Koch"...he will spew that no one wants Obamacare, and that no one cares about Equal Rights for Blacks, or Women, or Gays...but, that everyone in this country...everyone!! and their mothers, want the Benghazi episode to stay alive!! 

"Expectation is the Mother of all Frustrations" ~~ Antonio Banderas.
Don't cry Paul...just because your expectations of how the American Public feels about all your issues, have not panned out...and why you're on the losing end of "Conventional Wisdom" and every National Discourse. Keep talking about Benghazi...the GOP doesn't have one single issue to run on, of which they have any solid proposals, for an alternative...except to give the standard Romney/Ryan spiel: "We'll tell you about all our plans...after we get elected" ;-)

Paul Ryan still bitter over Candy Crowley torpedoing Mitt's own Benghazi! talking point