May 25, 2014

When Lies become embarrassing...maybe it's time to retire

By RF Schatten

If Mitch McConnell really cares about his Country, why would he oppose an Act that has been embraced by 413,000 Kentuckians...which by any his Constituency?? Isn't the 1st duty of an elected civil servant, to work for needs and wishes his Constituents??

McConnell's Kentucky, has one of the most successful ACA exchanges in the country, signing up through their State Exchange, “Kynect”. Over 5% of all the signed ups, throughout the country...are from Kentucky. That's a huge amount of people, who really wanted Healthcare...and they're happy!!

But the GOP Senate Minority Leader...wants to be Senate Majority Leader!! It's not about the people of's about Mitch McConnell, the quest that has eluded him forever, his last big the September of his years, is upon him. So, what about the people?? His “people” are $$$, Power, and Influence...everyone else?? He does care for his election time!! Does he really care about repealing the ACA??
If Romney would've won, he would now be embracing Romneycare!! But, to Old's about those old deep feelings of a Black Guy being his Boss...and the knowledge that he's not alone, others with even more power, agree with him. Your quintessential American Political Hypocrite...who publicly loves his Red, White, and Blue American community...while slowly screwing them privately. If he doesn't care about his own State, why would he care about the rest of the country?? 

To the People of Kentucky...413,000 of you can now see whatever Doctor you desire, be taken care of, and not have to worry so much, about the cost!! Apparently, it's been a success in the Blue Grass State. So why Vote for someone who promised you; “I would repeal Obamacare if I'm elected Majority Leader”?? So, you don't like the Black Guy?? so what?? 413,000 of you just got Insurance, because of that Black Guy. Don't like him?? no problem!! But don't just Vote for a Guy, that's going to cut it off...because you prefer the name “Kynect” over the name “Obamacare”!! It's called ACA, the Affordable Care Act...the Republicans renamed it “Obamacare”...if you think that sucks?? Blame the GOP, and Bitch at Mitch!!

Desperate Liar Mitch McConnell Gets Caught In His Own Obamacare Trap