May 30, 2014

Clippers Sold To Steve Ballmer...sorry, you can't Sail the Clippers to Seattle!!

By RF Schatten

Congratulations, all long suffering LA Clippers Fans!! It's been a very long time coming...and specially to some of you, who have never known another Clipper team, since you've been born!!
Steve Ballmer will not be allowed to Sail the Clippers to Seattle, if the sale is approved...but
maybe, he'll get that Randy Newman feeling, and Love L.A!!....and then just maybe, he would consider an NFL Franchise for the largest City in America, without an NFL Team. It would make a good interesting rivalry with the Seahawks...a rivalry with his old Microsoft buddy, and Seattle
neighbor...Paul Allen!!

$2 Billion Dollars is a quite steep price...even, for a team in a major media market. But with the Dodgers, who were acquired for $2.1 Billion, two years makes Los Angeles the most important TV Market in the Nation. Hopefully Ballmer will keep the right business perspective...and not try to get rid of the great talent, this team currently has. How many great players, passed through
LA, in the past 32 or 33 years...before getting traded, and frustrating all their loyal fans in Southern California??

The entire sale, has taken a, after giving the wife the power to sell the team...he says he doesn't want to!! Donald Sterling is 80 years old, has cancer, still likes young girls...and wants to go out, with a bang, and if he can screw the world...for taking his precious team away from him...he's going to do it with all the spotlights and glitter, in Tinseltown!!

Now, for the Star of the Show: Shelly Sterling finagled a $2 Billion Dollar sale for a team, worth way much less!! How will it be divided between the not so happy their own "The War of the Roses" continuing saga?? Shelly Sterling may have found a new career...if any sports owners want to sell their team...Shelly is the Gal to see!!

 NBA: Clippers Will Be Sold To Steve Ballmer, Donald Sterling Hearing Canceled