May 3, 2014

The Ukraine...brewing for Civil War

by RF Schatten

There is a time in life, when is better to observe things from afar...than to go in, and
meddle in someone else'll never win. It'll be just another part of the world for that Ugly American mentality to blossom, with “Yankee go Home” bumper stickers...displayed, sooner or later.

But that's not us!! We're the superheroes, who will defend freedom against all enemies of
freedom loving people, all around the world...whether they want our help or not.
At first, it was Putin and the invasion/not an invasion, whatever. Now it's a region
in Moldova breaking off...regions after regions, breaking off from each other...some siding with Russia, some not.

I find it curious; what would've happened, if those who wanted intervention, would've
had their way?? was going to happen, whether Vladimir pushed it sooner than was going to happen. Breaking up is not that hard to do...if already done, with the Soviet Union. What would've happened if Americans intervened, in behalf of the freedom loving people of the Ukraine??
Old Picture: Beirut, Lebanon. American Soldiers stuck in the middle of a fight between
Israel, Druze Muslim factions, Sunni and Shiite Militias, Christian Militias, Hamas, and Hezbollah...all fighting each other...and at the end, who did we grieve for?? 241 young American boys and girls, in the wrong place and the wrong time.

And what was accomplished from all that?? Beirut, Vietnam, Iraq,
much freedom has resulted from our presence there?? Vietnam is still Communist, the Middle East hasn't changed...Iraq is still fighting one another...and Afghanistan, well?? it ain't Paris!!
In times of major world crisis...when someone out there, threatens the existence of
civilization...yes!! we all must unite, and fight a Good War. Studs
Terkel was right...WWII was the last “Good War”...ever since, it's been a matter of Political compromises, Political Commitments...and Big Business.

I believe in a strong defend our Country from our Enemies. But, if
we're not physically attacked, and I don't mean Terrorism...why would anyone our Enemy?? We got to be more educated in other Cultures and Societies...and stop trying to save the world. Sometimes, as hard as it is...we have to let others fight their own battles, and stay away from places and problems, that we have no Cultural or Social
understanding of.

OSCE Observers Released By Pro-Russia Separatists In Ukraine's Slaviansk