May 27, 2014

Wealth of Hillary Clinton complicates her image as Populist Champion??...not!!

By RF Schatten

The greatest "Populist Champion" in my lifetime, was Bobby Kennedy...and he was filthy rich!!...yet, it never complicated his image!! The notion that a wealthy person cannot relate towards the common man, is simply aristocratic arrogance. And the problem with rich Conservatives is; their bitter jealousy with the Kennedy's, the Clinton's, and all other
rich people...who have been embraced by the population. They cannot understand, in their sheer ignorance...why others with $$$...are willing to help those less fortunate??

"The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively" ~~ Bob Marley

There's a gynophobic urgency for the GOP to rid themselves of Hillary...when you lose the Benghazi argument, you move on to Monica...when you lose the Monica sound byte, you move to her Age...and when nobody gives a shit...attack her for conspiring to become a Grandmother before the elections. When nothing works?? try the old 1-2 punch of desperation...first Health, and now Wealth.

Why all of this BS about her Wealth, now?? When FOX fails in their mission...get the Washington Times to throw some shit around...a last act of desperation, when everything
else ends up in the crapper. So, why can't their promos "go over" with the general populace?? You can't attack someone on any specific campaign issues, while having absolutely no viable alternative plan, to counter any of your opponents' plank.

When all is said and done, Hillary will still be leading all her Republican wannabees...and the Dumbo's will still be asking her about Benghazi!!

One-percenter: Wealth of Hillary Clinton complicates her image as populist champion - Washington Times