May 16, 2014

International Solidarity for a Progressive agenda

By RF Schatten

Why does the world see injustice, and are willing to fight to correct them...while in the US, even with thousands of workers's only sporadic, in the percentages of workers involved?? Maybe is just we've never had to endure what most of the world has??...with all the bitching, and with all the griping about the "Evils of Government"...we've had it pretty good!!

What's amazing about this particular protest...which is more of Solidarity than anything else... is that they truly see something, that even many here don't see...we 'are' their inspiration for a higher living standard, and equality for all. They see the true progress that has been made...and they support the fight. The Progressive Movement is spreading its wings...and the strength of their agenda, and their not only changing the face American Society, but how others around the world, would like themselves, to be seen and perceived. We 'are' their heroes.

Massive protests around the world are nothing new, they have it at a drop of a dime...we had a serious era back in the 60s...and that, led to many of the changes we have today...but, they all die down. Maybe it's our apathetic nature of too much TV, Bowling
Nights, and "I don't give a shit what happens, with the rest of the world" rhetoric!?!? Maybe no one has the time, while trying to keep up with all their bills!?!?
We get caught up in our own lives, worry about our own problems...and tend to forget, that it's "We, the People...who run this Government, which is operated "by the People" whom we elect, to fulfiil their Civic Duty "for the People" of the United States. Anything less, should be unacceptable and not tolerated...and it's our Moral responsibility to get out, and bitch!!, bitch!!, bitch!...until our voices are heard!!

The strikes and the protests that all these people, around the world are going through, are much more dangerous to their lives...than anything that can happen to us, here. Our fight, is their fight...and it's our moral obligation to see it through.

Massive fast food strike goes global