May 4, 2014

No Vacancy in the Land of Opportunity

By RF Schatten

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free”. Nice, beautiful words...when you believe them, and truly mean it!!

But the Ancestors of that “Wretched Refuse”, never had it as bad...and never, have they ever appreciated those words as much. America is like a kid who's been given toys to play, and when others want to play with him, he sticks out his tongue, then says; “they're my toys!!! can't play with them!!

We're a shamefully greedy society!!...always have been!!...we've been trying to shut our doors for years. But we enjoy their $$$. Entice them with the “Land of Opportunity” and “Freedom for All” cheap promo...let them come over and spend $$$...and when they finish, remind them their Visa is about to expire. We have become the Walmart of capitalist nations... “Welcome to America, shop around and go home!! When it comes to Immigration??...well?? that's a different story. ”

Lady Liberty, Mother of Exiles!!...that beacon glow, it's not glowing that bright now days!! It's just another cycle of Hatred and Ignorance in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. You've had the Blacks, the Chinese, the Irish, the Jews, and now the Hispanics...from the beginning, the United States has had its share of bigotry...towards other Nations, other Beliefs, and other People. But, you learn to live with it!!...just like the Native Americans, have had to live with all of us...all these years!!