May 14, 2014

Republican Magic...Repeal Obamacare?? Who?? We??

By RF Schatten

 For all the Smoke and Mirrors…and all the grand Illusions perpetrated by the GOP…the disappearing act of “The Daily Dumbo Obamacare Report”, must rank with other embarrassing moments in recent Party Annals. Obamacare is becoming the reality, they feared…successful at the point, that Red States are getting the wrath of their own community, for not opting in. So!! when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, our
Illusionists…just fade to black.

And here they are, now!! Obamacare, becoming a Taboo Sound Byte, Social Issues such as LGBT, Immigration, Religious Faiths, and different Ethnic Groups, generally being accepted in American Society, Women Rights coming to the forefront of our national discourse, after years being ignored….and they’ve annoyed the Black Community, more than enough!! And for a little flair of their batshit insane mind?? …they’re trying to attract all these sectors, into their party!!. So!! soon they’re going to have to fade to black, again!!…and figure out their next superb strategy. The Economy?? Wall Street?? doing great!! not good issues, anymore!! Unemployment?? lowest in a load of years…ditto!! Hey!! you get the picture!!

It’s really time they sit down, and come up with viable solutions to all their gripes…and then, sell it to the Country…if nobody likes it, then shut-up!! and start doing the job, they were elected to!! The GOP, is on the wrong side of History on all those issues…and will remain like that, till they start acting like the Civil Servants…”We, the People”…pay them to be. All I implore, is that whatever strategic plan they use…please!! please!! please!!…no more Benghazi!!

The GOP's Incredible Disappearing Quest To Repeal Obamacare