May 18, 2014

Why Republicans keep getting embarrassed

By RF Schatten

Ole Miss, besides being one of the most Conservative States in the Country...and, with a pretty good long History of Racism and Poverty...also happens to have, its share of wacko Political History.

Since the birth of the Tea Party movement, we have seen how they have evolved
in our Society...there 'is' some strangeness in their perceptions ofright and wrong...and where to draw the line!! You have that cast of Characters, that you have enjoyed to watch...some Ignorant, some Offensive, some Funny, and some extremely Stupid. We're also watching the serious side of the Tea win at any cost, no matter who
you hurt, even if it's someone from your own Party...if elected, refuse to compromise on any deal, and let your country sink into oblivion...until you get what you want.

Any movement, fueled through Ignorance and Hate...breeds fervent fanaticism. How far will the Tea Party go, to get elected??'s pretty obvious!! They'll protect Immorality...but don't get caught!! or worse...don't get caught on YouTube!! In the case of Thad Cochran's wife...there's no excuse for those actions, it's the lowest form of a human being, but...That's the Tea Party, Folks!!

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