May 14, 2014

Hillary, Christianity, and Socialism...but no Benghazi!!

By RF Schatten

When your arguments run out of substance…bring in questions of controversy, specially on Christianity…to filter your ignorance, on your original argument.

In Hillary Clinton, you have someone who has never been adored on the Right Side of the Ailes. 1) She’s married to an extremely successful and popular President, 2) She stood by her man, 3) She truly is a scholar, on her own right…and just as much, as her husband 4) She’s a brilliantly smart Politico, and most of all, 5)…she’s extremely popular, universally!!! and ‘that’, is the most important thing of all!!

It’s that awful, vengeful hate!! they got for her…is not Political, it’s Personal!!…it’s the tremendous jealousy, and blow to the ego of the White Conservative male!!…for she represents everything they privately abhor…specially about the opposite sex, in their Conservative mindset.
So, if you can’t win on your merits…pass the subject to American Christianity…and start looking stupid on a different topic. How more obvious can it be, folk?!?!…the whole world is watching!!…and so are the Polls!!

These so called Christians…do they really hate God??…since they oppose his most basic principles of Christianity!! Or is it just plain ignorance?? Why would God want to “Feed the Poor”, “Heal the Sick”, or Shelter the Homeless??…they refuse to learn to understand, why they are in the minority, versus all the other Christians in the world.

They just want to “own” God for themselves, even if they have to rewrite their own version of the Bible…to fit all their personal and fictitious believes.

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