May 7, 2014

Republican Obsessions: If its not the WMDs...we must be in Benghazi!!

 By RF Schatten

America loves Witch's so “Old Fashioned”...and if the Political Party system would've been around in Salem, Mass. The GOP would've taken all the credit, for that too.

First, it was Joe McCarthy and his Hearings...because “Communists” were lurking in everybody's homes, under their beds, infiltrating every aspect of American Life, and destroying the “American Dream”!!

Then, came Vietnam...and one generation decided, questions should be asked. Questioning the Authorities, got you in J. Edgar's little list...because “Radical Subversives” don't agree with our way of life, they back and give comfort to our enemies!! All they want to do, is to destroy our “American Dream”!!

Now we're fighting a War against “Ghosts” don't see them...individuals with no national allegiance to any country...just their own cause. And's perfect for the exploitation of the masses!! The new American enemy... “The Terrorist”!!...and
the Dumbo Witch Hunt perpetuation rolls on. Now we must guard our Borders, our Airports, our Docks...for all the “Terrorists” infiltrating our Country, to change our way of life, convert America from a Christian (in their minds) Nation, into a Muslim State, run by
Communists...which are Atheists!!. And Yes!!!...they also, want to destroy our “American Dream”!!

Which brings us, to the latest Witch Hunt...Benghazi!! It sounds, so similar to WMD!! And no weapons of mass destruction, were ever found!!...just like this obsession!! Yet the sordid reasons for the public denunciations, is why History will show the Degenerate Immoral Character of our present day GOP: 1) We lied to get into and started a War, just for certain people's own private “Oil Interests” and Halliburton's. 2) Keeping the Benghazi sound bytes alive, in order to destroy someone's character...for “Political Purpose”...and
because the continued hatred of one's family. No “Smoking Gun” will ever be found!!...and they know it. But it's a way of keeping the story alive, and waste more millions of $$$ from the taxpayers.

As for the American Dream?? Conservative American Aristocracy...they!! are the ones who 'are' the “America Dream”...the only ones who've profited from those Dreams, like the Kochs, the Banking Industry, the Military Industrial Complex, Corporate America. For the
dwindling Middle Class and Lower Classes?? They are the ones eradicated!!...their “Dreams” have become their “American Nightmare”...and GOP still reminds you, how great “you” have it!!

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