Nov 25, 2015

Rubio & Rare Misconduct by Police: Like 1,031 Deaths by Rare Misconduct

 By RF Schatten

The US must not demonize Cops for a "Rare Misconduct"? Really, Mr. Rubio!! 1000+ Deaths in the last 2 years...over 700 in 2015! not "Rare Misconduct", and it's not a rare isolated instance!

A 1,000+ acts of Rare Misconducts doesn't change the fact, there 'is' systematic police violence acted upon the public by a sector of cops...both Police Officers and Sheriffs...who really don't give a shit what they do, using their Law Enforcement powers get away with literally, Murder! How many have gotten cleared after shooting unarmed people?...and even after being embarrassingly caught on camera?

They don't care cause their superiors are just turning their backs...and very conveniently ignoring the problems they're causing in this Society... while taking the subject at hand and reversing its take to the recent cries of Cops being killed...themselves, demonizing those 1,000+ and playing the sympathy spiel while justifying their shootings!

As of Sept. 1st, 776 people have been shot by Cops...161 of them were unarmed...must be 161 "Rare Misconducts"! And there's no discrimination...more men than women, but an equal opportunity of being shot...including teen age kids! 1,031 people killed by Police in 2014. 
Of course! there is a mistrust between local communities and those...paid by the taxpayers, by the way! "Protect and Serve"! So! who's going to be accountable for all those deaths? In the cynical world of politics, you play the Blame Game...start with Obama, naturally...and continue blaming everyone for all the ills in the world, while remaining indifferent in their own self-denial!

"Violence and Nonviolence are, after all, two different Forms of Theater. They both depend and thrive on the response of an Audience" ~~ Julia Bacha

This tale is not about Good one is denying that there's a lot of good and honorable members of law enforcement who walk tall!
But there's a lot of rotten bigoted piece of garbage cops, who take advantage of their position to do whatever it pleases them...and 'that' must be stopped!!...if not by internal means, then by whatever external means short of violence, it takes We, The People! It's the responsibility of every American Citizen to fight for their Rights, Liberties, and Pursuits of their own  Happiness...and if you don't, you lose them!

When people of good conscience remain silent, and don't speak up against Social many more "Rare Misconducts" will we continue to see?

Marco Rubio: US must not demonize police officers amid ‘rare’ misconduct