Jul 4, 2016

The GOP's Inconvenient Truth on Fascism

 By RF Schatten

"The United States is 'a kindler and gentler
 nation' because of former President George H.W. Bush" ~~ President Barack Obama

3 Years ago this month at a White House luncheon, President Barack Obama honored former President George HW Bush and his non-profit "Points of Light Foundation", founded in 1990 to promote Volunteerism, and his contributions to the field of Community Service...and also award the 5,000th "Daily Point of Light Award".

We're not a kindler and gentler Nation anymore! And today's GOP certainly is not HW's Republican Party anymore either!...let's just say; it's just not his cup of 'Tea'.

A Republican Party that supports Fascism more and more as the days go by. A Political Party that supports Anti-Semitism, the exportation of millions of Latinos, the exclusion of an entire Religion...1.9 Billion inhabitants...and the constant neighborhood spy watch for those Muslim residing in this Country.  That was even suggested by Heir Drumpf himself! "Citizen's will be obligated to report all the activities of their neighbors...and it will be considered a serious crime if they don't follow the law"! For those who think we're already in Gestapo type Nation? Watch what the true Gestapo, truly is!!

All a mistake about the Star of David? or just an inconvenient truth when Heir Drumpf royally screwed up?? Was it meant to be a "Sheriff Badge"? Maybe it was Sheriff Joe's Badge?...Arpaio is both a Sheriff and Fascist pig, so it could've been just a big misunderstanding?

Remember, The Donald 'Loves' Jews! Just like he Loves Mexicans! and how he Loves Blacks! how he Loves Muslims! how he Loves Labor Unions! and especially!...an egocentric abusive 3x married philanderer, a spray-tanned "Prince Pretty" who believes he's God's gift to the female species. You know his line...I'm a woman's man! I Love Women!!

Donald Trump will never admit his failures, always passing the buck on others...blame the other guy! cause it can't be his fault?...he's perfect! His horseshit perception of a Jewish Religious Symbol being confused for a yee pee kai yay Sheriff Badge is exactly that...horseshit! Yet, when taking credit for something, he'll increase the figures and the value of importance of whatever it is, so he can brag...or more likely, bullshit...about his successes! I'm the smartest businessman in the world!...and with the greatest memory in the universe!

So, Donald!...with all your explanations about the characteristics of a Sheriff's Badge and a Star of David, the facts you described were just a coincidence, and your sudden admiration and respect of the Jewish faith...you're so smart! so, how come no one believes you?!?!?
The fact that Trump has picked up over 75 memes that he's used on his opponents...including some really awful stuff on Jeb Bush...over 75 memes! from the "Daily Stormer", an American Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist News and Opinions website. Their Publisher, Andrew Anglin...who used to own "Total Fascism" before it was shut down...was the 1st well known White Supremacist to publicly Endorse Donald Trump with the headline:  "Heil Donald Trump...The Ultimate Savior"!

75 memes exchanged from one piece of human excrement to another...just 75 memes? With a new found ally...mutually thoughtful correspondence would naturally, also follow. And Drumpf was totally clueless on the so-called perception and mistaken identity of a Star? Sure, Don!
When the American Neo-Nazis are openly and publicly making Trump Robocalls, and organized doing door to door politicking...and the Ku Klux Klan joining in, too? Drumpf has his cheap hardcore free labor covered, and why he says he doesn't need the GOP's money! Wrong perceptions and mistaken identity, my ass!

This 2016 Election can't be any more Black and White! America is in the midst of turbulent Cultural Racism...not just Races against Races, but Religions against Religions, and Ideologies against Ideologies. And people are truly taking ultra-radical directions...whether towards the Right or towards the Left.

Using a little common sense, and seeing we're passing the point of no return to where Donald Trump's Republican Party is now headed...is not a hard choice at all who to vote for. You can see those gentler and quieter Republican Days of Reagan and HW are all but a distant memory of what was once the Grand Old Party. And why the Bush Family, other notable Dignitaries, and a slew of Republican Women are all staying far away from Cleveland, OH! and Voting Democratic...even John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio left a good political message: "Gone Fishing"!

Ahhyup! When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a Flag and carrying a Cross, but also Heir Drumpf's Bible...in this case, a Trump University Bible, from Trump Catalogs cause "I Love Everyone!...and now, for only $19.95!

Trump Claims Star Of David Picture Isn't Anti-Semitic