Jul 10, 2016

Roger Ailes: The Worst of Times for the GOP & Fox

 By RF Schatten

"The First and only Principle of Sexual Ethics: the Accuser is always in the wrong" ~~ Theodor Adorno

Anita Hill learned 'that' principle very well with her accusations of a not so honorable Justice Clarence Thomas...how could you accuse such an "Honorable" person?
Unless you're a bonafide "Saint" or a truly saintly human being...no one is that 'Honorable' in their own personal lives!...sometimes you have to work that gray area of the Law, just to survive in today's Capitalist "System". You do what you have to do to feed your family, but you're still considered sort of an honorable person! But, when you use the power, the influence, and particularly the advantages of your "Position" in today's System, for your personal gains?...there's absolutely nothing Honorable for you to claim.

Speaking of the Honorable and Dishonorable; Roger Eugene Ailes, Chairman, and CEO of Fox News, recently got slapped with a stinging Sexual Harassment Lawsuit by former Fox & Friends Co-host Gretchen Carlson! Lawsuit charge? "Severe and Pervasive” Sexual Harassment at Work.
Ahhyup! Roger the Dodger is a full blown sexist!...and why does Donald Trump and Roger Aisles don't see eye to eye? They're too much the same, too much alike...two creepy degenerate hypocrites and egocentric sexists! They could never trust each other!

Is Roger an honorable person? At least, he doesn't lie about his Politics!...nobody questions Roger Ailes' Republican Conservatism and FOXNews being the GOP's Mouthpiece, and especially a very well polished Propaganda Machine for the Republican Party...'that', along with NewsCorp's continued history of being among the more notable Money Donors to the GOP!!

Ahh! those Republican "Family Values"!...for years, along with the Economy has been the Cornerstone of the Grand Old Party! Now, whatever is left, is being flushed right down the Republicans' Port-A-Potty. More than just a few people, believe Roger Aisles 'owns' today's GOP and controls their agenda...and now? Forget the GOP's Sinking Ship...as everyone says; it's become a Dumpster Fire! And it appears, that Ailes...like Trump...is dousing more fuel into that Dumpster!

Sexual Harassment at the workplace is about Power, and the power over subordinates ...exploiting those most vulnerable...those who financially cannot afford to resign!
Roger believes as "The Boss", he has all the right to "ogle" Gretchen's derriere whenever it suits his fancy. Gretchen declined, not just because she's got much higher morals and values than Roger...but probably figured out getting in the sack with that 76-year-old repulsive fat bastard is just not worth it!?!?

Legs, Legs, and more Legs...that's what an Ailes production is all about!...Stepford-like Females, preferably blonde, all with that same white shiny smile...and Legs! Legs! Legs! And if he can get a good sneak peek at their derrieres? the more the better for this salivating, horny old Codger!
Is he Guilty or Innocent? Past history and indications about females suggest a lecherous old man who, if he doesn't get what he wants, specifically hopping into the sack with whoever the Boss chooses, you either get demoted, you get a decrease in Pay, receive less Airtime, or you find a reason to leave...in Carlson's case she resigned when her contract was not renewed...after 11 years of continued sexist remarks and innuendos, both "On the Air" and backstage by her two colleagues, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade (who seriously, is very open about it and proudly calls himself a Sexist)! The last time was the final straw for this lady.

The future of FoxNews? the 2nd Generation of Murdochs, Lackland & James, are taking an active participation with the company and are having their own internal investigation on the whole issue. Rumors about Aisle's future? and the changing Mores at FoxNews? they are all real!...their values? becoming a little more Politically Correct...and try to appeal to a broader spectrum of audiences! just like the Republicans are going to have to do after these elections are over...if, a Republican Party still even exists after this November!

It's Bad News for Fox! and more Bad News for the GOP! FoxNews is in the most precarious position ever!!...simultaneously defending both, the GOP and Trump's sexist talking points plus his less talked about rape history, while the man who represents Conservative America's Holy News Bible ...the CEO of FoxNews, himself! their Boss! is publicly facing a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, in a year where the fateful GOP nominee is an egomaniacal gynephobe and sexist supreme, and the challenger happens to be the strongest Pro-Women Rights candidate...from either Party!...ever in US History!!

 For Fox News' Ailes, a huge challenge