Jul 2, 2016

Anti-Semitism: Trump's or GOP's Values?

 By RF Schatten

"I think all Nazis didn't see themselves as bad people. I've never met a Racist yet who thought he was a Racist....or an anti-Semite who thought they were anti-Semitic" ~~~ Norman Jewison

An apology to the Jewish community from The Donald? don't expect one unless he is forced...like forced to pick a side on the Abortion Issue! The one thing Donald Trump hates to do the most in his life is taking Public Stances on things that might fire right back on his spray-tanned puss!

Will a degenerate hypocrite have any compassion, empathy, and/or understanding with what the meaning of the "Star of David" on the left side of a suit, symbolizes to a Jewish man or women? Being the degenerate that he obviously is, he 'will' apologize to the Jewish Community...if he's seriously confronted and challenged by the Party...and in a personal, very risky position if he doesn't!

A degenerate is a degenerate...and this degenerate is not really ever going to change his stripes. With the Jews? he may appear "politically" remorseful, but his only remorse is being there and appearing remorseful! Apologizing for being truly anti-Semitic? Nope! Apologizing that he didn't know the meaning of his Photoshopped meme? Nope!...or apologizing because he's the "Most Honorable Person" in the world, which he claims to be to everyone just before he screws them, while sadly telling them with tears running down his sprayed on make-up, how sorry he "really" is? Nope! How about just becoming a man!...that "Honorable Person" he BS's the world he is, and just says; "Sorry, I made a bad mistake"? that's all.

Donald Trump is not an apologetic human being and will never be. Using his pathological lies over and over is not going to convince too many new people, he's your next Fuhrer!...only his batshit following cares about him. To them, if he's more Fascist and Racist? the more the better! White Supremacy for America!...only Neo-Nazi Skinheads, KKK, and anyone who viciously hates anyone else need apply.

As the Trump Train keeps merrily rolling along, chalk up another demographics now solidly against Le Grande Orange...he lost long ago, the Latino and the Muslim Vote, he's never won or will ever win the Women Vote, the Black Vote is non-existent, he lost the Senior Citizens, the Youth, and the Asians, and half of the Republican Party, and now the Jewish Vote?!?!
But, you don't have to worry about this poor man...Trump still has all the public support and assistance of the Racists and Hatemongers of America!...and with Ted Nugent's fine endorsement? Trump got all the Pedophile Vote locked up, too!!

The Trumpster may be a foolish idiot...but he's not completely, totally stupid...he knew exactly what he did! He knew exactly what it meant...and he knew exactly what he wanted it to mean by it. Yes! there's no doubt Trump is engaged in an anti-Semitic behavior, and his exercise in graphic art is a giant anti-Semitic Statement!

Bibi Netanyahu must be wondering how and why is he supporting an anti-Semite?...Beware of the Company You Keep, Bibi! And America? We created this greedy little piece of shit...and on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, America can give him a proper Au Revoir!..."You're Fired"!!

Trump Attaches A Star Of David To Hillary Clinton In Repulsive Anti-Semitic Tweet