Jun 4, 2015

No Vet Rights for Married Gay Couples & Their Kids. With all our Love, The GOP!

By RF Schatten

You fight and die for good and bad causes...that 'is' what you do for your country when you sign up to defend it. But we're in America 2015, where the lowest form of indecency and degenerate politics transcends every day life, including our Veterans...all our Veterans!

Old Cowards creating wars and sending the young to do their fighting...and dying...while profiting off of them, and pretty much giving those who made that profit possible, the ultimate slap of disrespect; a Bronx Cheer followed by a  Fuck You!
Ever heard that before? it's the history of VA Funding. But today's Tea loving GOP...in all its indecency, in all its degenerate arrogance, its unapologetic indifference towards American Society...showed how truly low in the compassion scale can someone go regarding their respect for US War Veterans. Go die for our country! if you make it back, we'll see what we can do for you...but if you're gay? Vaffanculo!!

The vote was not that unexpected...it's a presidential election cycle and the GOP is stepping all over bat doo-doo on its way to political suicide with the Vet Vote. It just disgusting to me, the indifference they have towards the Arms Services...yet, this group of War Hawks are as crazy as their hopeful opponents are! When war arrives, it's time for the bandwagons to play a little freedom and patriotism...the tune of "we're all one nation" will resonate throughout the GOP! We're all one!...so? go fight!...you're not as 'Fortunate' as my Son!

It amazes me!...is it just plain simple stupidity inherited from their Tea relatives? Then, don't drink the Tea! Or is it true that the Grand Old Party is going through an extreme case of "Social Phobia"?

Their misogynous ways when speaking about women, their hate and fear of the Blacks, the poor, the disenfranchised...their fear of being touched and transforming themselves into one of them! Their fear of an Educated man! Latinos? speak Amercun!! It's their fear of losing their White control, when Hispanics become the national majority within 30something years! And Gays and same-sex Marriage? There's no need to wear garlic or shove a cross in their face when passing a Gay Person. Muslims and Jews? They're just not "Christian" enough for them! Enough said?

The indifference of not caring for someone who defended your right to live in this world, and by receiving wounds, or even by dying for you...indifferent about them, their families, their Children. All because their basic beliefs in life are different than yours!  What they should really be fearing, is their own demise...for acting exactly, the way they're acting right now. A little Education might help...but being anti-education? You just can't fix Stupid!

Senate Rejects Extending Veterans Benefits To Married Gay Couples And Their Kids