Jun 10, 2015

GOP on Climate Change: Pronounced Koch! like in the GOP's Koch Addiction!

 By RF Schatten

What's a few Degrees or a few Feet more?!?!?

If you care about your planet, if you care about your environment...the ability to breath clean air at 21% oxygen, without the need of an oxygen tank...yeah! the environment does mean a lot! The fact that some enjoy warm weather and others enjoy the cold...one more, than the other...doesn't necessarily mean either one wants to literally; through self-combustion, burn to death!...or become a frozen archeological finding in a couple of thousand years!
More important, our legacy on this earth. When it comes right down to it...it's the future of civilization and how we have survived all these thousands of years...putting up with the oddities of Nature and the oddities of Civilization, and surviving by simply using our minds.

If you don't give a damn about Planet Earth, and life is just there to entertain your pleasures...you're either a complete lazy moron or an easily corruptible human being, who's only interest is to accumulate wealth at the cost of others, even if it means controlling the entire world, and destroying it...and then, take it all with them when they die!
The future? How about the future our children and grandchildren? Greedy Old Bastards don't give a damn, they know after they die...it's not their problem anymore! The inhumanity? How do you pronounce Koch?...like in the Koch Addiction of the Republican Party...$$$$ is an extremely addictive lure for those whose total character's worth is a continuous psychological study in arrogance and immorality.

If you're a Religious person who vows to interpret life by following the words and works of Jesus Christ...you're Pope Francis. But, you're certainly not Francis!...you follow your own interpretations of whatever Bible fits your character the most in your life. To others? You're a sinner because the Bible says this and the Bible says that...but to them? when they sin, it's all in their own interpretation!
Climate Change Deniers, and Science Deniers in general...if you want your Armageddon? When the heat rises and the water level reaches beyond the roof of your house...jump in that hot tub and be prepared to meet your maker!
And if you knowingly did absolutely nothing to take the responsibility to save yourself and more important than anything else, your family?...you sinned my friend! If you like it hot?...you'll love it where you're going! All the acts of contrition and born-again miracles, is not going to save you from a direct visit to Achmed and his 72 Virgins...just don't flirt!...Achmed will Killlll YOU!!

When you talk about water in inches and foot levels or heat in the atmosphere in small percentages, it may not mean much to the average Joe...but to 99.99% of all Scientists, Climatologists, and Academic Scholars on the face of this earth...it's a very real and present danger for the future of our civilization, if someone doesn't at least try to do something  to save the planet as soon as possible! Read this article in CNN by John D. Sutter...and really think about it! because it's truly a frightening thought...especially with all the great advancement in technology and in the minds of those who can achieve so much.
With a united world anything can be achieved, but!!! when you talk America now days, you're talking about the land of the incredibly stupid and home of the opportunist & exploiters...enter Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and the Grand Old Party.

Sense and sensibility does exist in this world...all the Nations have come to the same conclusion; to put Politics aside and work together to save the Earth! Every Country in the World has signed a United Nations' brokered agreement on a Climate Change Initiative. Why? because it's good for everyone concerned...the rest of the planet's 7+ Billion Inhabitants who wants to survive...but 300 assholes in Washington believe they are wiser and know more about the survival of our Civilization than the other 7 Billion.
Mitch McConnell, in all the splendor of another embarrassing Republican treasonous agenda...publicly undermining the Administration's and State Dept's Policies, again send out warnings to the world about their intention to sabotage the Climate Initiative...essentially telling 7 Billion people, they will do anything possible to stop their chances of surviving on this Earth!...oh! that Koch Addiction!...screw the world, screw their record fines, their record class actions, record wrongful death lawsuits...and record settlements!

Who needs the EPA? Pollute your heart away and destroy the world...but die with all the money on this earth stuffed up your ass! It's all mine!! ha! ha!...it's all mine!! Ahhyup!...Koch Addiction! Money! Money! Money! Monnney!

Now, to set things straight...planet earth is not about to implode and turn into little bitty dust particles in space, and it's not going to explode, either! It's been here before man, and will remain here after the extinction of man...regardless of weather conditions, or human batshit stupidity. If the weather doesn't kill you, nuclear war will...an Armageddon for the religiously insane, the end of times for Mr. Moneybags with all the money shoved up his ass, and the final chapter for a civilization...here, personally...the final chapter of an American Society that sat back, watched, and allowed a tiny miniscule faction from over the 7+ Billion inhabitants to dictate policies that only benefits their pocketbooks. Their crime? allowing and watching the destruction of man, without speaking up!

So, what do you get for Koch Addiction? when we're all gone, only those radiation-proof cockroaches will inhabit this planet! Is watching our own destruction and permitting it to happen, worth it?

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