Jun 2, 2015

Mike Huckabee's Porky's Dream? or High School Perversion?

By RF Schatten

Wanting to take a peek or even a shower in the girls locker room is your everyday High School male's, Porky's dream...showering with the girls while in High School to examine "your feminine side", is just flat out Perversion!

Old Pastor Mike sure enjoys the 'dark side' of those Evangelical closets!...maybe he never got to see through the 'Peep-Hole'? Using the political fine art of Fear-mongering...this time, condescending towards Transgenders...it appears Mike Huckabee's role in the 2016 Freak Show is going to be as the official Social "Basher" among the clowns...because, he's so good at it!

Huckabee will never get elected to public office, again. His position is solely to mobilize the Christian Right...keep that fear and hate everlasting! A homophobic, a misogynist, and an all around sociopathic head case...bashing anything or anyone that's not Christian enough to his liking, and 'his' own set of Christian Moral Values...and I emphasize...his 'own' set!

The moral values of a man who wants to be 'your' President.
Child Molestation, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Incest, and Pedophilia...that's alright with the Pastor!...but the Gays? Women? Immigrants? and Blacks? Condemn them all to hell!...but defend the rights of fine Christians like Josh Duggar, along with the 'honorable' Jim Bob and Michelle. It's just not Political hypocrisy...it's the immorality of a pervert!

The arrogance, the immorality, and the lack of decency of a man who will condemn the behavior of those whose crime is just being themselves. The immorality of a man whose personal friend and biggest supporter is a washed up one hit wonder and self-admitted pedophile! And the comportment of a man, in which "Religion" plays his major role in life... performing a sexually charged song, with his Pedophile pal!
Mike Huckabee...why does he hate everyone except Child Molesters and Pedophiles? Good question!

Mike Huckabee Fearmongers About Transgendered People, But Defends Child Molester Josh Duggar