Mar 1, 2015

In Denial of Our Future: A Republican Dilemma

By RF Schatten

Retribution's a bitch!...when you treat people like shit, don't expect them to come running with open fact, don't expect them to be coming at all!!

No better words can express Luis Gutierrez' truer words! "This is a very perilous place for my friends in the Majority. Because you have 5 million American Citizen Children who are never going to forget for a generation, how it was, you treated their mom and their dad. How it was you who treated their mom and their dad; and if you treated them in a cruel manner". Coercing America with the security of the Nation, in order to stop a political executive order from being order that the Majority of the country supports!! OH! Latinos won't forget!...they won't forget the stink of Elephant dump and the smell of Tea!

And they won't forget, when in 2039 Racial and Ethnic Minorities...become the Majority!...and in 2043, when US Hispanics turns the majority ethnic group. By 2060, the Pew Research Center states; the Hispanic population in the United States is going to reach 129 Million!! Go on! treat them like shit!...while this generation sees the arrogance and disrespect, their parents are getting!..the next 2 generations are going to grow up, with the same disdain and scorn Blacks have towards Christian Social Conservatives, Neo-KKKonservative Tea, and the Industrialists' perpetual dream of others bowing to the Ruling Class ...there's a reason why historically, the Black Man has rejected the Grand Old Part!

Hispanics won't forget, and no one has to remind the Blacks!!...but, how about everyone else? How about everyone who the Republican Party has been treating like shit?? Are they going to forget?? Are Gays going to forget how the GOP set the tone for Anti-Gay America, and how they oppose their rights!  Women remember Rowe vs Wade, and all the attempts to strike it down, and the continuous suppression of Women Rights...they just don't want anyone to tell them what to do with their own body!! How about the Elderly? how our kids are seeing how their Government treats us...and how, there're those who want to cut our Social Security, Medicare, and any social entitlements one is eligible for, so those taxes can be re-allocated to other areas of the Government, from which they might profit most! Screw the people, right?... oh yea! the People 'do' remember! and how they will be treated by those so good inside GOP!

The Republican Party has placed themselves in a position, where there's no way out! Leaders that can't control their own Caucasus, cannot pass any laws because they have no policies to offer the American public! Their sole purpose of existence is to make life miserable for Barack Obama. The public sees that...and they remember! They are a Congressional Majority with no power! Luis Gutierrez said; "This is a very perilous place for my friends in the Majority" They can gerrymander their way into Congress, and the Senate can flip now and then as they probably might again in 2016. But their ideology remains the Minority opinion in this Country...and until they realize they can't win National Elections, and they finally decide they can't continue looking like the Party of Batshit...they will continue having a hard time finding any true qualified Politico to improve the image of the Party.

30 years may seem a long time, but in the Game of's a very short time for so many things to evolve, too many years of hate and bigotry!  When you stick it to someone, they don't forget the pain...will they remember 30 years from now? You bet!! It's the GOP failure...the Party of No, has no vision towards the future, living in the past, hating all Ethnic groups, hating all Races...without looking out for what they were put on this earth to do; our legacy to take care this planet for our future generations, and to help your fellow man. Will millions of Americans forget what the Republicans have done to them??

A Message to Republicans: Millions of Americans Won't Forget How You Treated Their Mom and Dad | Alternet